Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kicked Up Refried Black Beans . . .Cook. . .

Jeff requested fajitas for dinner tonight. This is a simple enough request. However I don't just do fajitas, there must be sides to accompany. This is just who I am.

However- I get so BORED with plain 'ole refried beans, especially the Rosarita ones straight out of the can. Um- no thank you!

Today's creation was a WIN and I wanted to share it with all of my Mexican food loving friends. Make them and love then- you will never go back to Rosarita.

Chile-Lime Refried Black Beans

1-20.5 oz. Can Refried Black Beans
1-4 oz. Can Diced Green Chiles
2 T Butter
1/2 t salt (more or less to taste)
Juice & zest of 1 lime

Melt the butter first, and then throw the rest of the ingredients into the saucepan. Heat until bubbly and all combined.

You could forgoe the butter- but I URGE you not too. The fat is what makes refried beans worth while. Besides you have already made a "healthy" decision by going with black beans over pinto beans.

Rosarita- I'm sorry..... you just weren't good enough. Adios!