Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Riley's "Meagan" Newsboy Hat . . .Create. . .

 I am part of the divorced nation. This is not a bad thing though, my kid's dad is my best friend. However this means kid's custody, and all that jazz. So we have worked out the schedule- one week on, one week off. This being said- I am bored STIFF when my kids aren't around. Yes, this provides me with ample time for sessions, and editing- however, it's been a little slow. I am a creative person my nature, so I have been looking for some creative productive outlets to fill my time.

My current obessision- Crochet. I taught myself through Google and YouTube- I am a visual learner. I bought the books, and tried- but I just couldn't get it. Bring on the video stream! So I have a list a mile long of projects that I am working of for friends and family. I decided that I am going to start sharing pictures of these project, along with patterns. It been pretty hard to find patterns that I like on the internet- seriously, it is like a treasure hunt. I feel like it is my "yarn-addict" duty to share the patterns that I have found with you!

My first project to share is

Riley's "Meagan" Newsboy Hat.