Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Twitterfeed = AMAZING . . .Blog Help. . .

I am extremely new to blogging, so I have been literally combing blogs for help setting mine up just the way I want it. My first blog was my Life Steps Photography blog. It's pretty much to the point now, where I can just leave the design alone and post.

I found that I was really needing a place to come and post about my life stuff though- so Cook, Laugh, Create was born. This is the home for everything in my life, photography or otherwise. Let's consider it the melting pot for all things Jessica.

Anyway, the purpose of this post was to share with the other new bloggers out there (if any new bloggers actually read this blog) my new find. I am a big facebook-er so I like to make my facebook friends, that aren't quite as blog-happy as myself, aware of new posts on either of my blogs. Well this means double-time, posting on blogger, and then heading over to facebook and updating there.

Today I found Twitterfeed. Twitterfeed takes my blog RSS and automatically publishes it on my wall on facebook, and tweets it for me on Twitter (I really am not too twitter savvy). This service is FREE, oh I apologize- did I fail to mention that....yes it is FREE.

Click on the logo below to sign up.

All you need is your RSS feed address.You will HAVE to have signed your blog up for a feed burning service. If you haven't done so already- I use Feed Burner.  To find the RSS address go to blogger, click on settings, and then on sitefeeds, you can copy the address directly from here. All you need for the next 2 steps are your log-in credentials for Facebook and/or Twitter. Voila- you are now saving time, and keeping everyone in the loop. Enjoy!