Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Unique Your Blog- Make it You . . . Blog Help . . .

This post if for all of you "New" Bloggers. I went on a wild goose chase trying to find tutorials on how to do all the things that I just KNEW blogger could do. Well OK- maybe I didn't "know" that blogger could do the things that I wanted it to do, but I certainly believed that if it was something that I wanted it to do, then someone else had already figured out how to make it happen.

FREE Blog Layouts:

Leelou Free Layouts
Shabby Blogs
The Cutest Blog on the Block

Blog Utilities

- Burn Your Blog: Allow people to subscribe to your blog through a reader service

- Track Your Stats: Do you want to know how many people are reading your blog?

- Make Sharing Easy: You want the word to get out about your blog- make it easy for your reader

- Free Fonts: Visit Kevin and Amanda, they have a HUGE selection
- Flash Animated Label Cloud: This is exactly what it sounds like.

- Autopost to Facebook & Twitter: HUGE timesaver

If you want your blog to be a reflection of you, you WILL need some form of photo editing software.

- Free Photo Editing software #1- Picnik 

- Free Photo Editing Software #2- Picasa

Blog Help Tutorials:

- Create a Blog Button: Create a button that readers can copy the code for and add to their own blogs

- Add a Signature to Every Post:  Never sign your blogs again- You are signing in STYLE now!

- Add Post Dividers: Something frilly- or maybe barbed wire.....whatever suits your taste :)

- Use a Cute Font for Blogger Post Titles: This is a LONG tutorial, but will give your blog some serious personality!

- Blogger UnWrapped: Blogger blog tips and tricks: (Scroll down to blogger tutorials) Just go and browse, Rita is a WEALTH of knowledge. She is my idol :)

That is all that I can think of right now, and should give you plenty to do to make your blog "You". I hope this helps- I wish that I had stumbled upon a site that had everything all in one location! Good luck- learn lots :)