Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where Does Your Food Come From? . . .Cook. . .

On the weeks that we don’t have the kids, Jeff and I have taken to watching movies. We both do our own thing for the majority of the day- but as evening rolls around, we settle on to the couch and pop in our next NetFlix DVD. For some reason the DVD awaiting play last night was a documentary entitles Food Inc. I am not a documentary lover. I will admit that my guilty pleasure is definitely a romantic comedy. Jeff is an extremely intelligent man, and prefers things that challenge his mind. I have subjected him to one romantic comedy after another the last few weeks- so I suppose that this switch to a documentary was an attempt to fulfill his DVD needs.

In any case, I am rambling.....

I am a foodie- through and through. Some people eat to live, I DEFINITELY live to eat. I appreciate ever little morsel of deliciousness like it may very well be my last. My favorite type of cuisine is currently Tapas. Why would any person want to eat a gigantic plate FULL of the SAME thing? The idea to provide a diner with quite a few different items in small portions at reasonable prices is ingenious. If you haven't treated yourself to your local tapas place, do it now!

With all of that out there, and my clear obsession for food known....Food Inc. has changed the way that I look at what I am eating. This movie was so profound that I could not sleep last night. I imagine for some people that this may not be the case; however food is a HUGE part of my everyday. Feeding my family is my responsibility and mine alone. I encourage- better yet....I CHALLANGE each and every one of you to watch this movie, and then make some changes in your life.

If you are a NetFlix subscriber, you can watch Food Inc. instantly on your computer or TV.

I will be updating my blog as to the changes that I am making for our family. I will post recipes that are friendly to the change, and shopping habits and deals (hopefully) that I incorporate as well. It's time to change our lives!

Change #1 Shop At Trader Joes


Trader Joes will provide me with more choices than the big chain grocery stores. I am looking to buy from the little guy. I am looking for organic, the Hippie Revolution has begun! Gosh I wish that I lived somewhere where stuff actually grew..........